Travel locally helps you grow too!

I am so grateful and happy the world is opening up.  To me there is nothing more inspiring than plunging yourself into other cultures, learning about history, trying to speak few words, enjoying the food & festivals and getting connected. Lots of research also proves that travelling is a great way to grow. Crossing borders strengthens your mental fortitude and increases empathy. On top of that, navigating a foreign environment helps you on a journey inward and promotes hidden talents and skills. All together it’s an experience with a great return on investment. 

But what to do when the world gets into a lockdown? Or when it slowly opens up, but you are stuck somewhere for whatever reason? The answer is simple. Nature always stays open, is free, keeps on surprising you, and definitely provides you with lots of vitamins for body, mind and soul. In the past 2 weeks, I went back to my roots and stayed in Arnhem.  This travel experience was so valuable in many ways. It brought me back to my childhood and I learned about my own history through the eyes of my AirB&B host, Tim. I never knew it was possible to spot the “big 5 in Holland” Thanks so much Tim for your hospitality, you are a great guide!