Grow what is strong...

We can support you in exploring effective strategies to create a more cohesive, communicative, and engaged team that leverages the diverse talents and strengths of its members. Our focus on positive psychology and on "grow what is strong instead of fix what is wrong" is an important part of how we add value to your team development.  


Our Purpose

We firmly believe that creating Happy Workplaces helps building a strong community and can change the world into a better place. But It all starts with ourselves. With our unconventional approach, we will help you cultivate a People & Purpose driven Culture and look into the mirror.


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Our services



Our  teambuilding events will deliver high revenue in a short time. Reflections, insights and our pragmatic tools will help you make aware of your behaviours in a fun and effective way.  


Team Development

To guarantee the succes of a teambuilding event , it should be part of a Learning & Development strategy. We can help you design this program and make sure it will be cohesive, engaging and effective.

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Community Support

Did you put Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on your agenda but experienced that it’s time consuming to get things done? Let us help you! We look into your CSR goals and see how we can realize these trough a teambuilding event.

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WannaGrow is an organization geared toward leaders who want to learn how to build and cultivate an positive work culture and a Happy Workplace. 


Curaçao, Bonaire, Aruba, Sint Maarten, Suriname, the Netherlands.

Bitterstraat 17 
Willemstad, Curaçao
+599 9 525 3720

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