Oasis Coral Estate Curacao Growth journey


We were happy to kick start the Growth trajectory for Oasis with 2 outdoor sessions in February. A very special feature was the involvement of the total team. Housekeeping, Maintenance, Sales, Customer Service, Management and the owner all participated. This shows the appreciation and importance of everyone’s role in the process. Due to Covid, we had to interrupt the sessions but we are really looking forward to continue in September


Being part of the bigger Oasis Parcs organization in Europe, the team on Curacao faces challenges on many levels. First of all, the European organization is successful and fast growing. However, things work differently on the islands, so it’s key to develop a Culture Format as a foundation for the total organization. Defining a crystal clear purpose and sharing mission /core values will need to be prioritized over strategy.  Besides that, the organization on Curacao was, like all other tourism related business in the Caribbean, severely hit by Covid.


Based on the positive feedback of the team, which exceeded expectations, we are preparing for follow up on Corporate Identity and Leadership & Communication. We are extremely happy to facilitate the team on one of the most mesmerizing locations of Curacao, their own premises. The focus on the next sessions will be to shift from survival to growth mindset.