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Tips to transform your traditional performance reviews into energy boosters.

It’s that time of the year again. While most of you are aware of the fact traditional performance management is on its way out, we see some struggling. It’s not always easy to create the right mindset for this change which should be part of a bigger transformation in company culture. Yet, you can start…

Happiness at the workplace: The costs of not taking mental health as responsibility 

Tomorrow at the 10th of October it’s World Mental Health Day. Although I try to focus on the positive outcome of this crisis as much as possible, these challenging and disruptive times definitely changed the way we feel. I really hope that what will follow motivates you to put the mental health of your team on the agenda not only for a…

Growth mindset in overdrive: pitfall or opportunity? 

After five months in this new reality, you must have become aware of the kind of mindset within you and your organization. A crisis of this extent will clearly differentiate those who are thriving on a Growth Mindset and those amongst us who are stuck in a Fixed Mindset. The Growth Mindset principle of seeing challenges…

Travel locally helps you grow too!

I am so grateful and happy the world is opening up.  To me there is nothing more inspiring than plunging yourself into other cultures, learning about history, trying to speak few words, enjoying the food & festivals and getting connected. Lots of research also proves that travelling is a great way to grow. Crossing borders strengthens…

Oasis Coral Estate Curacao Growth journey

GROWTH JOURNEY We were happy to kick start the Growth trajectory for Oasis with 2 outdoor sessions in February. A very special feature was the involvement of the total team. Housekeeping, Maintenance, Sales, Customer Service, Management and the owner all participated. This shows the appreciation and importance of everyone’s role in the process. Due to…

Ictual growth case

We started our collaboration with Ictual in 2017 and continued in 2018. The combination of a corporate ‘family’ culture with serious international ambitions makes Ictual an inspiring partner to work with.  CHALLENGE: Ambitious and international growth targets require a solid foundation and that’s why we started facilitating a trajectory on Corporate Identity. During interactive outdoor…


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